Our Services


Black Light Film is a versatile production and service company with a presence throughout Italy. We provide comprehensive production services across various domains, including commercials, corporate films, movies, documentaries, music videos, virals, and photo shoots. Our expertise extends to assisting clients with diverse budgetary requirements, creating plans and schedules tailored to low, medium, or high budgets.


Black Light Film specializes in certified Italian legal and fiscal representation for clients, ensuring compliance with prevailing laws. Our dedicated services encompass meticulous handling of tax and labor responsibilities, including crew recruitment and social contributions. Tailoring our assistance to individual needs, we deliver comprehensive accounting solutions that adhere to international standards.


​​At Works, we boast a highly proficient and multilingual crew, along with seasoned technicians. Our team excels in every department, be it direction, camera work, sound, wardrobe, art, and beyond. We have the flexibility to assemble specialists tailored to your project’s unique requirements. Furthermore, our extensive network allows us to seamlessly cast your project, collaborating with numerous extras agencies and engaging with key Italian actors’ agents. We excel in negotiating talent buyouts, ensuring a bespoke approach to meet your project’s demands.


Black Light Film collaborates with top-tier studios, prop suppliers, costume providers, and technical equipment suppliers across Italy. Our strong partnerships extend to numerous location libraries throughout the country. Leveraging our extensive network, we have a deep understanding of whom to approach and the accurate cost estimations. From a diverse range of vehicles to personalized catering services, we can fulfill your requests with precision.

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