cover shot Cello

Set in present-day Beirut, Cello intertwines three Lebanese women’s struggles against social norms and one man. Three women from 3 different backgrounds: Leyla, 19 year-old college girl, veiled at home but with a dream to sing. Salma, 29 year-old, in an abusive marriage, coordinator of an eminent festival. Nay, 39 year-old single mom living in France and famous cellist, with a mysterious past. The story swings from drama to humor, from dialogues to action, and from silences to musical intercuts, reflecting the characters’ internal states.

Premarital sex, Domestic violence, Homosexuality
Honor, Human rights, Hope and Freedom

Direction: Wafa’a Celine Halawi

Production: Co-production: Lebanon (Millenia Features Beirut, Lebanon Nadine Mourad), France (Selenium Films Paris, France Vincent Juillerat), Brazil (Focus Films Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Tuinho Schwartz), Italy (Blacklight Film productions, Rome, Italy, Francesca van der Staay)

Year: 2023-2024

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