Des Châteaux Qui Brûlent


In France, a year after the pandemic, the employees of a chicken slaughterhouse in the midst of liquidation impulsively decide to detain the Secretary of State for Industry who initially visited the factory to negotiate with them.

For four chaotic days, the fates of Pascal Montville and his jailers will get intertwined… In the factory now surrounded by the police, the media, and the workers’ families, these workers, forgotten by the system, decide to raise their heads. They discover a new power they were not aware they could ever have. Will they use it to buy the factory back, or will they sacrifice themselves along with the minister?

Pascal Montville, the vulnerable captive, is catching his breath back. He discovers the opportunity to change his life and to shine…

Co-producer: Easy Riders Films (Fra)

Year: 2023/2024

Director: Danielle Arbid

Category: In Development / All


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